Lady Chehaela


Lady Chehaela was accidentally summoned from the Shadow Plane when Vorgen, mourning the death of Vasara at the hands of Nox, repeatedly smashed a malfunctioning cubic gate until it broke completely. Upon being summoned, she helped defeat Nox and resurrected Vasara. A cleric of some importance in her home city of Bastion, Chehaela is eager to return home but trapped in Kintargo until someone can create a dimensional portal for her. Lady Chehaela is a woman of wealth and privilege, and is quite unhappy with her current surroundings.

Her trials and tribulations were not at an end, however. When Long Roads Coffee House was raided by the forces of Thrune, Lady Chehaela was taken. Only Thrune and his minions know her fate now.


Lady Chehaela

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