Letter from Porcia Victocora to Rexus

My dearest Rexus,

I fear dark times are coming to Kintargo. Lord-Mayor Bainilus’s “abandonment” of our city is a transparent and ridiculous piece of propaganda. But all who work against Thrune may find themselves in similar danger in the days ahead.

This may come as a shock to you, but for many years, your father and I have belonged to the Sacred Order of Archivists and have worked to free Kintargo from Chelish rule. I am truly sorry to have to reveal ourselves to you in such a bloodless manner. Our devotion to honesty and openness was only trumped by our desire to keep you safe.

In our research, we learned much about Kintargo’s secret history, and we fear the time will soon come when the city needs the return of its Silver Ravens. You have likely not heard of the Silver Ravens—few have. During the civil war, the Ravens worked to ensure Kintargo’s safety. If my sources are to be believed, they came within a hair’s breadth of defeating House Thrune, which explains why Thrune’s redactors have neatly written them out of our history. They were heroes in their day, and I fear that the Silver City needs their kind again. 

The Silver Ravens maintained numerous hideouts within Kintargo’s walls during the civil war. I have located one such site—the chambers below the Fair Fortune Livery. Gather heroes to your side, my son, and search below the livery. If my research is correct, you will find something to teach you more of the Silver Ravens and their legacy.

Your father and I are tracking a rumor that may lead us to the source of the Silver Ravens’ power against Thrune. But if you are reading this, we have likely failed in our search, and we are in hiding in the Sacred Order’s safe house, dead, or worse.

I remember well, dear Rexus, that as a child your desire to learn was insatiable—sometimes to your own detriment! Let that boundless curiosity guide you today. Do not let our life’s work, and possibly our lives themselves, be lost in vain. Stand up for Kintargo. Bring the Silver Ravens back to life!

Your loving mother,

Porcia Victocora

Letter from Porcia Victocora to Rexus

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