Tag: Tengu


  • Zeka Ryk

    Fledgling of Brit. Helps out and delivers food or gathers resources when her Brooder is busy. Has taken an interest in the various herbs and medicine Raek uses

  • Brit Ryk

    Tengu Elder in charge of allotting food rations to those in Flock who can't feed themselves. Friendly towards Raek as Raek's Brooder ( Nik Nock ) was a good friend of Brit's Brooder. Had unrequited feelings towards Raek but moved on many years ago and …

  • Raek Nock

    *secrets* My Brooder's death was hard on me. Nik had been let go from the Herb shop when I was still two years away from my Rite of Flight. Odde had been unable to pay wages for quite some time due to economic difficulty. (We weren't surprised when …