Vorgen Opplas



The Opplas Brothers

As you enter the bar you cannot help but notice two brothers, their familial resemblance undeniable despite their disparate carriage and demeanor. Clearly half-orc, they’re both tall and broad of shoulder with pointed ears and skin like greenish-gray parchment.

Vasara stands open and approachable with a broad, toothy smile, and close-cropped black hair of a current style. He wears a blacksmith apron strapped over leather breeches, and no one seems to mind his lack of shirt. A well-muscled chest and large biceps might be his most striking features, especially because what can be seen of his chest and arms are covered in heavy, angular tattoos in curious, perhaps tribal, patterns.

Vorgen stands equally tall, but with arms crossed and an intense, unwelcoming expression on his face. His baldness is striking, especially because it, and what can be seen of his arms are covered with looping, swirls of delicate tattoos, in stark contrast to his brother’s heavier skin art. He wears a scholar’s tunic with breeches and a cloak clasped at his neck. His brow is furrowed, and intense eyes dart this way and that, seeming to take in every detail of what happens around the room, momentarily focusing upon you before dismissing you as unimportant.

You’re struck with the sense that Vorgen would happily slip into the shadows and away from the boisterous crowd of revelers if Vasara’s arm weren’t securely wrapped around his shoulders, holding him captive within the group gathered around the bar.

Twin to Vasara Opplas.



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Vorgen Opplas

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