Saohia Ologella

Jaem's Mother


Mother to Jaemxian Ologella (Jaem), Professor of Alchemy at Alabaster Academy

Saohia is an unusual Elf. She is strong-willed and loud. She married Mawane because he was one of the few men who were not intimidated by a strong woman, and because behind that rigid exterior, she found a man who could make her laugh.

She is an accomplished alchemist, as the Chair of the School of Alchemy. She is the creator of the antidote for Basidirond spores. She specializes in medicinal potions, but ever since the Thrunes took a more active interest in Kintargo, she’s been researching ways to use her talents in a more defensive manner. She has not told anyone about this research.

She is a great lover of the arts, and supports Jaem’s artistic calling wholeheartedly. They often meet for meals or drinks without Mawane’s knowledge.


Saohia Ologella

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