Rexus Victocora


Reared in Kintargo’s posh noble circles, Rexus never questioned his own security until it was suddenly snatched away. Rexus’s parents, Aneran and Porcia Victocora, gave their son room to develop his own philosophies. They valued knowledge and personal freedom—with just enough distant oversight—over blind indoctrination.

Sadly, as Rexus was returning home from his studies at the Alabaster Academy on the Night of Ashes, the sight of a plume of smoke and fire rising from the Greens threw him into a panic. Upon arriving at his family estate, he found the manor engulfed in flames and the site under control of a large number of soldiers wearing the colors of House Thrune. At that moment, Rexus made a decision that haunts him still, yet which doubtless saved his life. Rather than race into the fire or reveal himself to the soldiers, he fled into the city to hide and mourn.

The next evening, after his first ever night living on the street, Rexus crept through Kintargo on the first official night of its new curfew. He came to the still-smoking ruins of his family home and sifted through the rubble, hoping for clues, but found nothing more than evidence that others had scoured the place already for anything of value. Only the lack of any physical remains gave him hope that his family and the manor staff may have somehow, miraculously, survived. While he was careful to hide his identity at the burnt down manor, he was spotted by a colleague of his mother who had been searching for the missing scion. She not only took him into her house, but revealed something startling to Rexus: his mother had left him an inheritance, as if she had foreseen the tragedy.

Seizing upon his parents’ possibly final wish that he gather a group of heroes and rebuild the legendary Silver Ravens, Rexus recruited our heroes at the Aria Park protest and led them to the Fair Fortune Livery, where they discovered a long-forgotten cache of Silver Ravens documents and artifacts.


Rexus Victocora

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