Mawane Maddroddr

Jaem's Father


Jaem’s father, a captain in the Dottari

Mawane is a stern, no-nonsense man, hardened by many years of serving in the Dottari. He does not suffer fools gladly. He is a talented soldier, and maintains his battle prowess. He raised his only son, Jaem, to be a soldier like himself. He does not view his son’s artistic aspirations as a valid path for him. He wants Jaem to abandon his “delusions” and become a member of the Dottari. He demands it almost every time he and Jaem are in the same room, so Jaem rarely goes home to see him.

Mawane was acting as a guard at the facility where the Silver Ravens broke in to rescue the Order of the Torrent armigers. When he saw his son among the Silver Ravens, he let them go without pursuing them.


Mawane Maddroddr

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