Laria Longroad


Laria came to Kintargo a decade ago and founded the Long Roads Coffeehouse, which quickly became an institution among the students and other residents of the city’s Alabaster Academy district. Laria is a friendly halfling, and loves nothing more than trading gossip and flirting shamelessly. Though she is a practical woman and weathers insults with grace and patience, her mood swings from flirtatious and lighthearted to cold and fearless at the first hint of

As it turns out, the Long Roads Coffeehouse served up more than invigorating elixirs and stuffed pastries. Until the Night of Ashes and the rise of Barzillai Thrune decimated her rolodex of contacts, Laria worked with the Bellflower Network, bribing officials, ferrying slaves and fugitives out of Cheliax and Nidal and into distant Varisia, and forging paperwork. The charming baker coordinated with dozens of other figures in Kintargo’s underworld—from smugglers and cutthroats to self-appointed freedom fighters—and made sure anyone working to undermine imperial influence in Kintargo could find the necessary resources.

With her warm, charming laugh and ample body, Laria presents the image of a woman who wants for little and enjoys life’s simple pleasures. A powerful, athletic build ripples below her curves, and she’s capable of tirelessly hefting massive loads around the shop and tossing unruly visitors out on their ears. She abstains from life’s worst vices, but makes no secret of her fondness for great cooking (especially her own) and great companionship in her bed. Never a woman to stick to one dish when she could try them all, Laria keeps an impressive number of lovers on rotation.

Laria was initially reluctant to trust the ragtag group of adventurers recruited by Rexus, especially since it included her former employee Jaem, who she had had to fire dramatically after he led one of Lady Docur’s girls to within inches of her secret underground way station and the fugitive halfling families inside. But, sensing an opportunity to either prove their mettle or get rid of them, Laria sent the party to clear out her basement, as she was unable to escape the prying eyes of the Chelish Citizens Group herself. When they returned not only having defeated an alligator and a dire corby, but having recruited a clutch of tengu rogues, Laria softened her reluctance and agreed to work with the fledgling team.

Unfortunately, her generosity came at a price. Her coffee shop was raided by the forces of Thrune, and Laria was taken into custody. Noone has seen her since.


Laria Longroad

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